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6 June 2020

Dear aviation enthusiast,


The Aviation Safety Network is proud to have served the aviation community for over six years running, and we look forward to continuing that service.
Over the years the number of visitors has grown to over 100,000 visits per week and continues to grow. The activity level at ASN has become costly due to bandwidth and technical requirements (i.e. a dedicated server). Thanks to different contributions and ads we were able to keep the site up and running since 2002, but funding for 2020 has not been achieved yet. The total costs we need to cover during this year amounts to $2340,= .
So, just like last year, we are again desperately looking for individuals or organisations who would like to sponsor / donate to ASN or like to advertise through our web site.

If you would like to make a donation to help the Aviation Safety Network continue this invaluable resource you can use your credit card to pledge a payment towards the sole use of supporting this web resource. We joined with Pay Pal to allow easy donation of any amount, completely safe and secure. Unless you object, we will add your name to our donor list to recognize you as a key member supporting ASN. If your country is not supported by Pay Pal, or if you wish to use an alternate method of donation, please contact Harro Ranter.


We regret having to take this path but this is the only method of keeping the Aviation Safety Network available in the future for the aviation community. Your donations are sincerely appreciated, and we look forward to an exciting future in serving our aviation community.


Harro Ranter
Founder and editor-in-chief, Aviation Safety Network