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ASN Hijackings Database
16 August 2020


Downloadable dataset (.csv) of all known 1000+ airliner hijackings.

(sample dataset)



The ASN Hijackings Database contains reports of all 1000+ known (attempted) hijackings involving airliners.

Terms of Service

It is not allowed to redistribute or republish the “ASN Hijackings Database” dataset in whole or in part. The dataset is strictly intended for personal use.
While every effort is made to ensure accuracy, the Aviation Safety Network makes no representation as to the accuracy of, and cannot accept any legal responsibility for any errors, omissions, misstatements or mistakes in the ASN Hijackings Database.

Database fields

  • date [format: yyyy-mm-dd]
  • aircraft type
  • aircraft registration
  • operator
  • flight number
  • departure airport
  • departure airport ICAO code
  • destination airport
  • destination airport ICAO code
  • crew fatalities
  • crew occupants
  • passenger fatalities
  • passenger occupants
  • total fatalities
  • total occupants
  • location where the hijacking ended
  • country
  • flight nature
  • flight phase
  • hijacking duration (days)
  • damage
  • narrative